Boost Your Trustworthiness with Our Blue Tick Recognition!

Boost Your Trustworthiness with Our Blue Tick Recognition!

Distinguish yourself as a verified and trusted educator with our notable Blue Tick displayed next to your name. For a one-time fee of AUD43, enhance your visibility on public pages, showcasing your genuine commitment to quality education. Elevate your identity and assure confidence in those seeking your expertise.

Blue Tickmark


What does the Blue Tick next to my name signify?
The Blue Tick displayed next to your name signifies trust, credibility, and verification. It indicates that you've been through a verification process on our platform, underscoring your authenticity and dedication.

How do I get the Blue Tick displayed next to my name?
Go to this link [Get Your Blue Tick] Simply pay a one-time fee of AUD43. After your payment, we will ask you to upload your identity documents and your profile will undergo a verification procedure. Once verified successfully, the Blue Tick will prominently appear next to your name on all public pages. We will also notify you by email.

Is there a recurring fee to maintain the Blue Tick?
No, the AUD43 fee for the Blue Tick is a one-time charge. There are no additional costs to retain your Blue Tick status. Even if price changes later, you will retain this verified blue checkmark.

Does the Blue Tick guarantee the quality of my educational services?
While the Blue Tick underscores your verified status and commitment, students and guardians should still consider reviews, testimonials, and qualifications before choosing an educator.

Can the Blue Tick be removed after it's been granted?
Integrity is paramount on our platform. If discrepancies or breaches of our terms of service are identified, we have the right to remove the Blue Tick. It's vital to remain consistent with our platform's guidelines and uphold the standards the Blue Tick represents.

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