Can I get a demo class / a trial class?

Can I get a demo class / a trial class?

All our tutors offer one discounted trial class. It's an opportunity to know your tutor well and ask all the questions you have.
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    • How do I know if a learner has booked my group class?

      When someone makes a booking in a group class, a new booking id is created which is visible in the “bookings” section of your Edulyte dashboard. A new participant will be added to the group chat and we will also send you an email notification. If you ...
    • How and where can I clarify my doubts? Can I ask learning related questions after my class?

      If you are part of a group class, feel free to ask questions in a message. You can directly message your tutor / book another session for One-on-One subject to your tutor’s availability.
    • How do I cancel a session?

      If you are part of a group class, you won't be able to cancel your session. Our tutors are very helpful, you can inform him/her to take a back up class for you.  If you are taking One-on-One sessions with your tutor, please let him know at least 24 ...
    • Is your class for younger, older students or mixed?

      Our learners are from all walks of life. There are many classes available for kids, teenagers, and adults. It really depends on what kind of skills you would like to learn or improve on. You can join classes in a small group or One-on-One.
    • Who should I contact to change my batch timing or tutor?

      Please get in touch with your tutor to change / reschedule your class. Group classes can’t be rescheduled. You must have a valid reason to change your tutor, for this you can send an email to