Can I have one-on-one tutoring as well as group classes on Edulyte?

Can I have one-on-one tutoring as well as group classes on Edulyte?

Yes, you can take One-on-One tutoring sessions as well as group classes.
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    • How do classes work on Edulyte?

      Every live class has its own unique web address. You can share this link with friends or on social media. We currently have three types of classes;  1. One-on-One Private Tutoring: Highly customisable / personalised sessions between a tutor and a ...
    • What is the schedule for online classes?

      You can set up a schedule for group classes at the time of creating a group class. You must update your weekly availability in your Edulyte account. This will enable your learners to book One-on-One and trial lessons with you. It's available under ...
    • I have no prior experience in online tutoring. Is it possible for me to tutor on Edulyte?

      If you are passionate about online tutoring, you can apply to teach.
    • Do I need a separate introduction video for my classes?

      It's not necessary to record a separate intro video for your classes, but we recommend it. This is different from your video introduction on your tutor / instructor profile. Each class is considered a separate product hence it makes sense to inform ...
    • How to become an online tutor with Edulyte?

      Sign up with your email address Provide some basic information about yourself Record a short video introduction (up to 2 mins long) Upload your resume and documents Wait for our team to approve your application Attend a video call with our team ...