Do I have to sign any contract or bond?

Do I have to sign any contract or bond?

Every tutor has to comply with terms and community guidelines. We do this to build trust and credibility in our friendly community. We are open to working with tutors from diverse backgrounds.
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    • Do tutors always teach the same students?

      No, tutors can teach any learner who makes a booking from anywhere.
    • How much can I earn with Edulyte?

      There is no limit on how much money you can make with us. Your earnings depend on the per session rate you set, the number of lessons you teach and how many learners continue learning with you. We advise new tutors to keep the session price lower to ...
    • Which subjects can I teach at Edulyte?

      We have tutors from various fields. The main categories they cater to are ESL (English as Second Language), Mathematics, Test Preparation, Languages, Music, Art & Hobbies, Technology & Development, Business and Consulting.   This is not an exhaustive ...
    • What happens to the resource materials/ assessments that I develop on Edulyte’s platform?

      Edulyte gives you access to the latest tools to help you grow as a tutor and develop your branding, skills and portfolio.You own your resources, however, you grant us non-exclusive, irrevocable right to use those content. Detailed information is ...
    • How many hours do I have to teach every week?

      Edulyte allows you to create a flexible schedule that fits your needs. Learners will book One-on-One lessons with you by selecting a slot from your availability. It's important to keep reviewing your scheduling regularly.   You can set up a schedule ...