How can I change or update my bank account?

How can I change or update my bank account?

Please go to Payout Methods in your app settings. Make sure you have Tutor Role active on the top left corner of your dashboard. 

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    • How can I add or update my bank account?

      Login to your Edulyte account > App settings > Payout Methods > add your bank account details.Do make sure your bank account. For security reasons, you cannot update your bank details on portal. Please write to us at
    • How do I get paid?

      Payment settings As a tutor partner of Edulyte, you will get paid into your bank account after requesting a withdrawal. We will deposit all your earnings into your wallet which you can withdraw. You can update your preferred Payout Method in app ...
    • Will I get paid directly to my bank account?

      When you complete a session, we handle the payment process for you. The amount paid by the customers will be transferred to your digital wallet. If you prefer, you can withdraw the funds by providing your bank details. Please note that withdrawal ...
    • Where to check my earnings?

      Login to your Edulyte account > choose wallet on left navigation bar > see your available and pending balance. You will also see the history of your transactions / earnings. Go to your wallet now!
    • How much payment does a tutor get for classes delivered at Edulyte?

      Payout of every tutor varies and depends on the number of classes taken by them. It’s free to sign up. Edulyte doesn’t charge any joining or class listing fees. Edulyte will charge when you start earning on our platform. There are two components of ...