How Can I Create classes?

How can I create classes?

You can login to your dashboard, make sure your active role is Tutor on the top left corner.

      1. Choose classes on the left navigation panel, then choose Create New
      2. Go to your Tutor Dashboard, click on the Do Something button then Choose either Offer One-on-One Lesson or Offer a Group Lesson

Watch our easy to follow video guide. Transform our templates into powerful digital classes.

Alternatively, Here are the steps:
Login > Classes > Create New > Choose a Template > Customise > Edit the details carefully > Submit > Add comments > Submit

Switch to Tutor Role - see menuSwitch to Tutor Role - see menu

Choose a Template & Click Customise

Each Template has many tool tips to guide you while customising a class template, use this info.

PS: To set your expectations right, publishing classes doesn't mean you will automatically have hundreds of students. Have patience, it will take time to slowly build your portfolio and reputation. 

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