How do I cancel a session?

How do I cancel a session?

If you are part of a group class, you won't be able to cancel your session. Our tutors are very helpful, you can inform him/her to take a back up class for you. 

If you are taking One-on-One sessions with your tutor, please let him know at least 24 hours in advance. 

Please contact us if you have any more questions.

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    • I missed a session, how do I reschedule that session?

      If you missed your scheduled session please book a new one. We recommend that you inform your tutor at least 24 hours before your scheduled session.  You can’t reschedule your group sessions.
    • I want to change my subject tutor. How do I do it?

      You can contact our Student Support Executive by sending an email to or call us on +91 779 568 7953
    • Do I need to pay if I do not like a tutor’s lesson?

      All payments are made in advance. You can cancel any future lessons and book another tutor. We encourage you to let us know what went wrong. Give us a technical feedback here Related article: Can I ask for a refund after purchase?