How to become an online tutor with Edulyte?

How to become an online educator with Edulyte?

  1. Sign up with your email address and verify your phone

  2. Continue your application

  3. Provide some basic information about yourself, introduction video, add pricing and availability.

  4. Create your one-on-one offers and live group classes.

  5. Share your profile with your community and on social media. Anyone can now to book lessons with you.

You will also see important on screen instructions as you go.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Do Something > Get reviews > Ask your clients to give you 5 star reviews.

See the step-by-step screenshots below

Step 1. Sign Up & Create Your Account. If you already have an account, then go to navigation menu and choose "Apply to teach" or "Onboarding"

Locate "Apply to teach" for student account holders.

Step 2: Click on "Continue Your Application"


Step 3: Expand each of the 6 sections and fill out all your details accurately. Upload your profile photo and fill out all the details to create a professional tutor profile that showcases your expertise, teaching style, qualifications, and skills. Stand out with a captivating one-liner, share your story, and list the subjects you teach at different difficulty levels. 

Step 4: Preview your profile, a new window will open where you can see your public profile and all the details you filled out in the previous step.
If you are happy with the preview, you can share your profile on social media and with your own community.

Please don't forget to upload your intro video. "Your intro video must focus on learners highlighting your brief background. Why should they learn from you? Talk about benefits from your sessions, What will they learn? How will they learn etc. The tone should motivate learners to sign up for your sessions."

If you want to list your Educator profile and classes on Edulyte Marketpalce, then proceed with our screening process.
Get a blue checkmark to build trust by paying a small one time fee. Simply click on the link "Get Blue Checkmark".
You may choose other options to grow your business with Edulyte on this page 

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