What is the eligibility criteria to become a Tutor with Edulyte?

What is the eligibility criteria to become a Tutor with Edulyte?

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of at least one topic/subject you would like to teach online

  2. Ready to submit following documents:

    1. Scanned copy of latest education qualification

    2. Up to date Resume

    3. Proof of work experience, if any

    4. Proof of residence: Driver’s Licence, Identification etc.

    5. Your Tax Number

  3. Must be a good communicator

  4. Possess basic computer skills

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    • How to become an online educator with Edulyte?

      Sign up with your email address and verify your phone Continue your application Provide some basic information about yourself, introduction video, add pricing and availability. Create your one-on-one offers and live group classes. Share your profile ...
    • I have no prior experience in online tutoring. Is it possible for me to tutor on Edulyte?

      If you are passionate about online tutoring, you can apply to teach.
    • Who can apply to online tutoring jobs on Edulyte?

      Edulyte welcomes anyone, irrespective of age, gender, work profile, can apply to be a part of our team.  Community tutors and volunteers find a special place on our platform. Passionate about sharing knowledge and changing learner’s lives for the ...
    • Do I need to pay a fee to enrol myself as a tutor?

      It’s free to sign up. Edulyte doesn’t charge any joining or class listing fees. You can apply to teach and wait for our team to get back to you, once shortlisted you will get the tools to get started. ​You can see more details on our support pages ...
    • How can I update my profile?

      ​You can simply choose to update your profile here you must be logged in to do that.  You can update details such as languages I speak, me in one sentence, about me, my tutoring style, skills /topics I tutor, my qualifications and some personal ...