Will my classes be online live, or I will see a recorded session?

Will my classes be online live, or I will see a recorded session?

Our focus on Edultye is to replace the need for physical classes hence most of our classes are live online and instructor-led. 

We believe that no library or any recorded sessions can replace the need for quality tutors. Recorded sessions have limitations;

  • They lack the personal attention

  • You can’t ask questions and get an immediate answer

  • Lack of interactions

  • Can’t learn from others in group

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      All the classes / live courses are available on this link https://app.edulyte.com/find-classes If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us
    • Where do I find my enrolled classes?

      Login to your account and go to my classes section. Here you can find all your classes you enrolled into.  Remember one class/course can have multiple sessions. You can find all your upcoming or past sessions in your calendar. When you book a class a ...
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